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Changzhou Zhengcheng Chemical Factory Co., Ltd. founded in 1991 is one of the oldest manufacturers specializing in production of Phosphorus Pentoxide and polyphosphoric Acid in China, currently with a capacity to produce annually 2,000 tons of phosphoric anhydride and 1,000 tons of polyphosphoric Acid.
Our products arc widely used in such sectors as agrochemical, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics chemicals, perfume, polyamine acid, plastics and rubber and gains deep trust from broad customers...
  ◇Phosphorous Pentoxide(P2O5)
Classification of hazardous materials: GB8.1-81063. IMDG CODE p8198,8.

Use: in synthesis of phosphorus oxychloride, metaphosphoric acid; in manufacture of acrylate, surface active agent; analytical reagent.
  ◇Polyphosphoric Acid(H6P4O13 )
Classification of hazardous materials: GB8.1-81505.

Use:as cyclizing agent and acylating agent in organic synthesis; analytical reagent.

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